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Victorian medicinal cannabis users will be put through a closed-track trial to see when it’s safe for them to get behind the wheel.

The 18-month trial will look at the level of impairment medicinal cannabis can cause.

It will not take place on public roads to ensure there’s no safety risk to participants or members of the public, a government spokeswoman said.

“Safety on our roads is our number one priority,” the statement read.

“This trial will give us more data about when medicinal cannabis patients can safely drive on the road.”

Current roadside drug testing can only identify if THC is present in a person’s system, not whether it’s come from medicinal or recreational cannabis.

The trial will not change the fact it’s illegal to drive on Victorian roads while under the influence of THC.

Legalise Cannabis Victoria urged the government the complete the whole process no later than by the end of 2024.

Medicinal cannabis users should also be treated like any other person on prescription medication, Legalise Cannabis MP David Ettershank said.

“There have been dozens of studies that have been replicated many times to show that medicinal cannabis patients can drive safely,” he said.

“There is nothing about this driving trial that is uniquely Victorian or Australian.”

Source: https://www.1news.co.nz/2023/08/28/australian-trial-to-examine-driving-with-medicinal-cannabis-risks/