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Medicinal cannabis is still relatively new to New Zealand so it can be difficult for patients to navigate the scheme and find out the best way for them to access medicinal cannabis products. 

New Zealand’s Medicinal Cannabis scheme was introduced on the 1st of April 2020. The purpose of the scheme is to improve access to quality medicinal cannabis products for patients. Under the new scheme, cannabis-based medicines can be prescribed by a doctor without having to get specialist or ministerial approval, and it has made it easier to create and manufacture these medicines in New Zealand as well as import them. Over time this will allow more patients to access a wide range of products that meet stringent minimum quality standards.

If you think medicinal cannabis could help you, the first point of call is a visit to your GP. Your doctor will have knowledge of your medical history and is in the best position to advise you on whether a medicinal cannabis product is a suitable treatment option for you. If your GP determines that medicinal cannabis could be beneficial to your circumstances, they will be able to write you a prescription for a specific medicinal cannabis product. Once you have a prescription from a doctor, a pharmacy will be able to dispense the medication for you, in exactly the same manner as any other prescription medicine. The pharmacist will give you information on dosing and how to take the medicine.

Alternatively, there are several doctors and clinics around New Zealand who specialize in prescribing medicinal cannabis for treating a variety of conditions. As medicinal cannabis is a relatively new treatment option in New Zealand, some GPs may not feel comfortable prescribing it as a treatment option for their patients. If this is the case, specialist medicinal cannabis clinics such as Cannabis Clinic, Green Doctors, CannaPlus, Arataki Wellness Centre,or RestoreMe will be your next best option.

More information on the medicinal cannabis scheme and the products that have been verified by the Medicinal Cannabis Agency can be found here on the Ministry of Health website.

If you would like to dive a bit deeper into the history of medicinal cannabis in New Zealand and read about , you can download  Growing Potential: An Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis in New Zealand – an informational resource written for New Zealanders.

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Track, Learn and Earn with Strainprint.

Strainprint is a comprehensive cannabis tracking app, designed to assist medicinal cannabis patients and prescribers in monitoring cannabis usage and its impacts. It offers various features such as strain tracking, symptom tracking for logging conditions you seek to address, dosage and consumption tracking, and effect monitoring to identify the most effective strains and consumption methods.

This app is popular among prescribers and medical cannabis patients looking to refine their treatment plans and gain insights into how different strains and consumption methods affect their symptoms, making it a valuable tool for making informed decisions about medicinal cannabis use. Points are awarded with each session logged, and these can be redeemed at the Strainprint store for products and vouchers.

Membership is available through participating specialist medicinal cannabis clinics, doctors and/or if you can show a prescription for a medicinal cannabis product from New Zealand, NUBU can supply you an activation code. Email strainprint@nubupharma.com for more details

Frequently Asked Questions

Is medical cannabis legal in New Zealand?

Yes, medical cannabis is legal for prescription in New Zealand under the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme. However, specific regulations and requirements govern its use, production, and distribution.

How can I qualify for medical cannabis treatment in New Zealand?

To qualify for medical cannabis treatment in New Zealand, you need to have a qualifying medical condition and obtain a prescription from a registered healthcare practitioner. The healthcare practitioner will assess your condition and determine if medical cannabis is a suitable treatment option for you.

Can medical cannabis interact with other medications I am currently taking?

Yes, medical cannabis (or any cannabis) can potentially interact with other medications. It is important to inform your healthcare practitioner about all the medications you are currently taking, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and supplements. They can assess potential drug interactions and make necessary adjustments to your treatment plan to ensure your safety and optimize the effectiveness of your medications.

Can I travel with my prescribed medical cannabis within New Zealand or internationally?

Traveling with prescribed medical cannabis within New Zealand is generally allowed, provided you have the necessary documentation, such as your prescription and identification. However, rules and regulations for traveling internationally with medical cannabis vary by country, and it is crucial to research and comply with the specific laws of your destination.

What are the costs associated with obtaining and using medical cannabis in New Zealand?

The costs associated with obtaining and using medical cannabis in New Zealand can vary depending on the specific product, dosage, and prescription requirements. Medical cannabis products in New Zealand are not subsidized by PHARMAC, so patients are responsible for the full cost. Prices can vary between different brands and suppliers. It is recommended to discuss the cost and affordability of medical cannabis with your healthcare practitioner and explore any potential financial assistance programs that may be available.

Can I drive if I've been prescribed medical cannabis?

If you're using medical cannabis, it's necessary to understand the guidelines for driving to ensure compliance with the law and prioritise safety. It's illegal to drive under the influence of drugs, including medical cannabis, if it impairs vehicle control. Refusal to undergo drug impairment tests is an offense. Prioritise safety, follow doctor's instructions, and make responsible decisions about driving while using medical cannabis. For more information contact your healthcare professional.

Can I switch brands?

Due to the nature of medicinal cannabis, supply shortages are common and can create the need for brand switching. It's important to note with medicinal cannabis products in New Zealand, they are not registered or funded by PHARMAC, and their quality and effectiveness may vary. It's important to work closely with your prescriber and pharmacist to navigate brand changes and find the most suitable option for your condition. Other reasons for brand switching may include: if the manufacturer stops supplying it, if there is a shortage, inaccessible pricing, or if a generic alternative becomes available. Your doctor will be able to walk you through what this may mean for your prescribing regime.

Is vaporisation legal?

For some prescribed products dried flower vaporisation is an approved method of administration if conducted via an approved medical device. The three current approved devices are the Storz & Bickel Mighty Medic, Storz & Bickel Mighty Medic + and the Storz & Bickel Volcano Medic 2. These are legal to purchase and own and are available from www.medivape.co.nz.

Can I grow my own medical cannabis plants in New Zealand?

Under the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, patients are not permitted to grow their own medical cannabis plants in New Zealand. Cultivation is strictly regulated, and licensed commercial producers are authorised to cultivate and supply medical cannabis products. Home grows are illegal under this scheme.

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