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About NUBU

Formed in 2017, NUBU is the leading distributor of medicinal cannabis products, devices and accessories in New Zealand. The company has pioneered the dried flower market in New Zealand, is the distributor of the only legal medicinal cannabis vaporisers, and is one of the leading distributors of CBD products in the country.

NUBU holds a Medicinal Cannabis Supply License from the Medicinal Cannabis Agency, and is also licensed by Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand, and holds a ‘License to Deal in Controlled Drugs’ and a ‘License to Wholesale Medicines’.

Driven by a vision of affordability and accessibility, NUBU sources new products from New Zealand and around the world to ensure patients have access to a range of options that meet the rigorous minimum quality standards set out by the Medicinal Cannabis Agency.

NUBU works closely with a range of partners from around the world including Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG), ECS Botanics, Sciva International, and Canndoc to supply medicinal cannabis products to New Zealand patients. We also work with Canopy Growth as the exclusive New Zealand distributor of the Storz & Bickel range of certified medical device vaporisers and accessories, and Boveda, the worlds leading 2-way humidity control sachets.

With maximum accessibility in mind, NUBU works with New Zealand’s pharmaceutical distributors ProPharma, CDC, and PWL. These partnerships ensure hassle-free prescription fulfillment for both Doctors and patients.

NUBU continues to drive the industry forward with a pipeline of new products, partnerships, and platforms to help prescribers, pharmacists and patients over the coming months and years.

NUBU International

At NUBU, we believe that medicinal cannabis has untapped potential to improve lives. That’s why we are using New Zealand’s culture of innovation and natural resources to create high quality, unique and functional products.

We partnered with Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand’s leading cannabinoid extraction scientists to develop our first export product, CBD Infused Manuka Honey, which combines the benefits of two powerful natural ingredients.

We are excited to launch this product range into the US and UK markets, where customers can purchase from our online stores at bynubu.com and bynubu.co.uk, and selected retailers. We will be expanding into more markets in the future.

We are also working on new and exciting cannabinoid delivery formats and products with our local partners, who share our vision of creating distinctly New Zealand products that stand out in the international market.

Our People

NUBU is made up of a diverse team of passionate individuals who together their invaluable pharmaceutical, business, and innovation expertise are all advocates for medicinal cannabis and believers in the benefits that can be harnessed from the cannabis plant and its constituents.

The depth of experience and knowledge that each team member has brought into the company and the expertise that has been developed over the past 7 years, makes the NUBU team one of the most experienced and knowledgeable medicinal cannabis teams in New Zealand.

Mark Dye

Co-founder & CEO

Kady Chemal

Medical Advisor

Aya Shaker

Medical Science Liaison

Claris Jones-White

Medical Science Liaison

Claudia Billinge

Head of International

Nick Kennedy

Head of Distribution & Processing

George Davenport

Operations and Sales Support

Seth Nicholson

Distribution & Operations Coordinator

Linda Anderson

Community Outreach

Our Partners

We believe the future of cannabis in New Zealand will be built on partnerships, which is why NUBU has been built on the foundation of strong partnerships with the experts in their respective fields. And why our list of partners continues to grow as the industry evolves and matures.

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