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Track, Learn and Earn with Strainprint.

Strainprint is a comprehensive cannabis tracking app, designed to assist medicinal cannabis patients and prescribers in monitoring cannabis usage and its impacts. It offers various features such as strain tracking, symptom tracking for logging conditions you seek to address, dosage and consumption tracking, and effect monitoring to identify the most effective strains and consumption methods.

This app is popular among prescribers and medical cannabis patients looking to refine their treatment plans and gain insights into how different strains and consumption methods affect their symptoms, making it a valuable tool for making informed decisions about medicinal cannabis use. Points are awarded with each session logged, and these can be redeemed at the Strainprint store for products and vouchers.

Membership is available through participating specialist medicinal cannabis clinics, doctors and/or if you can show a prescription for a medicinal cannabis product from New Zealand, NUBU can supply you an activation code. Email strainprint@nubupharma.com for more details