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Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics: Cannabinoids and Anxiety

CAPS Trial: Cannabidiol Youth Anxiety Pilot Study (open-label completed, 2020)

This study ran for 12 weeks and involved 31 participants aged 12-25 who were diagnosed with severe anxiety disorders and failed to respond to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions, which is the current first-line treatment recommendation.

Participants were administered CBD starting at a 200mg capsule per day, which was increased to 400mg after one week. Those who did not show significant improvement in anxiety symptoms had their dosage increased up to 800mg per day. The participants were also offered CBT sessions. 

We found a significant reduction in anxiety symptoms, and participants did not exhibit side-effects like suicidal thoughts, irritability or sleep problems, which patients can experience when taking antidepressants.

One patient, who was diagnosed with severe social anxiety disorder, insomnia and psychotic symptoms, found significant benefits and improvements to his condition with CBD treatment. You can read the case report here

This is a collaboration between the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney; and Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health.

Chief Investigator: Professor Paul Amminger (Orygen)

Project Coordinators: Dr Maximus Berger (Orygen) & Emily Li (Orygen)

Source: https://www.sydney.edu.au/lambert/our-research/anxiety.html