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ANTG gets green light to ship THC dried flower products to NZ

Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG) has been granted approval by the New Zealand ministry of health to import and distribute THC dried flower products in the country.

ANTG’s verified range in NZ now includes previously approved CBD flower product Eve, and THC/CBD flowers Rocky and Mariposa.

All three products are approved as preparations of tea for oral consumption under New Zealand’s Medicinal Cannabis Scheme and will be available via distributor Nubu Pharmaceuticals. ANTG CEO Matt Cantelo said: “It’s a historic moment in medicine for both countries, with our verifications meaning… our Kiwi neighbours can now access the highest quality Australian flower while their home-grown cultivation industry starts producing.”

“The approved distribution for ANTG and Nubu will help stop the growing list of those who are chronically ill and being forced to the black market, or even trying to grow their own, which is not legal or safe.”

Co-founder and CEO of Nubu Pharmaceuticals Mark Dye said it was an “incredibly exciting” achievement, six years after starting the company with co-founder and COO Will Douglas.

He added: “Ultimately, though, it’s the patients who are going to benefit the most from this news, many of whom have been fighting for this opportunity for decades. We are thrilled that we have been able to help make this happen.”