NUBU is the official New Zealand importer and distributor for Storz & Bickel vaporisers. These devices provide patients with an alternative method of consumption for their prescribed medicinal cannabis flower.
The two vaporiser devices available, the Mighty Medic, and Volcano Medic 2, are registered medical devices in New Zealand.

Storz & Bickel Mighty Medic

What are vaporisers?

Vaporisers are devices that help with cannabinoid delivery into the human body, via the lungs. The cannabinoids are the active ingredients from medicinal cannabis. Vaporisers are designed to work predominantly with dry plant materials.


How do they work?

The device heats up the dried plant material in a controlled manner, so the ingredients are activated and released into an inhalable vapour. Good vaporisers offer a precise temperature control to avoid combustion of the plant material. The following video demonstrates how the MIGHTY MEDIC works.​

Can vaporisers be legally accessed in New Zealand?

A vaporiser can be imported and sold in New Zealand if it has been approved as a medical device by an overseas regulator (Misuse of Drugs Prohibition of Utensils Notice 2020). This ensures the vaporiser will be a safe method for administering medicinal cannabis. Other vaporiser devices, and utensils with prohibited features, continue to be prohibited from New Zealand.


What are the advantages of a medical device vaporiser?

A medical device is manufactured according to stringent manufacturing and quality standards (ISO13485).

A vaporiser for medicinal cannabis manufactured under ISO13485 standards is considered a medical device, just like an insulin pump for example. These devices, besides passing strict quality controls, are studied for many years in clinical trials and have their submitted data checked by the Health Regulator as part of their registration in different countries.

Which vaporisers are classified as medical devices in New Zealand?

MIGHTY MEDIC and VOLCANO MEDIC 2, manufactured by Storz & Bickel in Tuttlingen, Germany.

What is the difference between the MIGHTY MEDIC and the VOLCANO MEDIC 2?

The MIGHTY MEDIC is a battery-operated, palm-sized, portable device which can be used both inside and outside the patient’s home. The VOLCANO MEDIC 2, is not portable, but designed as a desktop-vaporiser that needs to be plugged into a power supply. VOLCANO MEDIC 2 is considerably bigger than MIGHTY MEDIC and works with a built-in pump that draws the aerosols into an enclosure, in the shape of a balloon. The balloon is detachable, it can be taken away from the VOLCANO device, so a bed-ridden or immobile patient can inhale the vapour. The inhalation takes place directly out of the balloon, when the mouthpiece is gently pushed, with less draw resistance compared to the MIGHTY MEDIC device. VOLCANO MEDIC 2 can also be used with a Tube Kit instead of the balloon.


How do I order these devices?

These devices can be purchased from


About Storz & Bickel

With a 22-year track record of breakthrough innovations, STORZ & BICKEL is widely recognized as a global leader in health authority registered vaporiser design and manufacturing. STORZ & BICKEL has spent the last two decades developing an automated and internationally certified factory, achieving ISO 13485 certification in 2009. In 2010, the VOLCANO MEDIC became the world's first medical vaporiser certified in Europe, Canada and Israel. Following this in 2015, the MIGHTY MEDIC, became the world's first portable vaporiser to be certified and released to the market. Then in 2019, the VOLCANO MEDIC 2, an advanced development of VOLCANO MEDIC, was released to the market.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Medic 2

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