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Temporary regulations for medicinal cannabis extended to enable continued supply

The government has announced that it has extended the temporary medicinal cannabis regulations to ensure a continued supply of medical cannabis products.

The temporary regulations came into effect last April and sets a minimum quality for medical cannabis products and licensing.

Initially due to expire last month, Health Minister Andrew Little said the regulations had been extended until the end of September to enable a certainty of supply.

"The government is committed to making the system work and continuing access to prescribed medicinal cannabis products for patients who need them” he said.

Mark Dye, CEO of NUBU Pharmaceuticals, welcomed the news for its positive impact on patients in need.

“This extension is great news for patients who were at risk of having their medicine supply discontinued”
“Permitting the continued availability of existing cannabis medicines for a further 6 months will help smooth the transition into the new medicinal cannabis regulations, as new products go through the registration process with the Medicinal Cannabis Agency.”

Access and affordability are currently two major barriers for patients.

“Two products from one company have been verified under the new regulations. However, the government wants to see multiple suppliers for price competitiveness." said Little.

"We look forward to seeing the growth in available products as they are approved by the Medicinal Cannabis Agency. This will introduce a wide range of options for New Zealand prescribers to choose from, ensuring they can best meet their patient's needs." - Mark Dye, CEO of NUBU Pharmaceuticals

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