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Meet the Team - Claudia Billinge, Head Of Supply and Innovation

Behind all we do at NUBU are an enthusiastic team of passionate, hardworking individuals. All talented and integral to our operations, they’re what make us tick, working each day to bring medicinal cannabis and innovative new products to market.

In this blog series, we’ll introduce you to our key people so you can learn a bit more about what life is like at NUBU.

First up is our Head of Supply and Innovation, Claudia Billinge.

Tell us about your role at NUBU?

I’m head of supply and innovation at NUBU, responsible for sourcing components for our innovation projects, as well as managing the international and domestic logistics for medical cannabis products.

On a day-to-day basis this can include keeping track of regulatory requirements, working with our research and development department as well as coordinating distribution to various suppliers around NZ.

What made you interested in medical cannabis?

The plant itself is such an incredible resource not only medically but also sustainably in textiles. Prior to my work in the cannabis industry I had been working in the fashion industry with a huge passion for sustainable fabrics like Hemp - this was my first real introduction to Cannabis Sativa. My interest in medical cannabis came naturally from this after learning through more and more research just how beneficial cannabis can be as a medicine. Beneficial for chronic pain and a host of other health conditions, cannabidiol CBD products and prescribed CBD / medicinal cannabis can significantly improve the quality of life for patients in need. I feel great I can work in a space helping others.

What experiences have you gained elsewhere that you will apply to the role?

Previous to NUBU I was working in the legal cannabis industry in Canada for Aurora Cannabis. I had started just after recreational legalisation in November of 2018 and it was a pretty exciting and immersive industry to be a part of. My role was in Sales Operations and through this I was lucky enough to be exposed to many different aspects of the business which I feel gave me a well rounded experience that I have brought with me to the NUBU role. I’m excited to be involved in the long campaign to have pharmaceutical grade cannabis and CBD approved as legitimate, prescription medicines and my experiences have shaped my ability to work towards this diligently.

How do you start your day normally?

With a coffee, which I enjoy while watering my garden and checking on my chickens. Then it's into emails and planning my to-dos for the day ahead.

What’s your best productivity hack?

Lists, lists help me stay on track and ensure nothing is missed when there are a million different things flying around in my head. Also finding the right software that works for you and your organisation style, I love using Notion and Smartsheets.

What’s your vision for the future of the medicinal cannabis industry? Right now, I think it’s still in its infancy. For many, it’s uncertain territory and many are unsure of even how to get prescribed medicinal cannabis in NZ, where to find cannabis care information or whether it is supported by their general practitioner. I’m proud to be working in this evolving space and with cannabis now gaining growing support as one of our approved medicines, able to be prescribed by an experienced doctor, I think we are going to see continued innovation in medicinal cannabis products, greater support by the Ministry of Health and changing public sentiment toward the legitimacy and acceptance of cannabis based medicines. My vision is a space where people don’t have to suffer in silence. Where proven products can be available to those who need them and where people are empowered to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands, supported by a medical system that’s there to help. NUBU are helping to lead the way and I’m ecstatic to be part of the team.

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