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NUBU Import

NUBU Imports strategic goal is to become the leading wholesaler of medicinal cannabis products in New Zealand. The company is now one of the largest distributors of CBD products in the country, and NUBU aims to grow the business by continuing to source the highest grade, and best value, medicinal cannabis products from around the world.


To execute on this strategy, NUBU successfully completed the rigorous application process with the Ministry of Health to secure both a ‘License to Deal in Controlled Drugs’ and a ‘License to Wholesale Medicines’.

NUBU currently has distribution deals with two companies, both from Europe, TheraLeaf and MGC Pharmaceuticals. With the latter allowing NUBU to distribute the premium indication specific MGC range, and also the very accessible Mercury Pharma range.

By importing these products from overseas, New Zealanders can gain access to a wide range of medicines and medical devices now.


With maximum accessibility in mind, NUBU has partnered with New Zealand’s largest pharmaceutical distributor, ProPharma. This partnership ensures hassle-free prescription fulfillment for both Doctors and patients.

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