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NUBU exists to bring accessible and reputable medicinal cannabis products to New Zealanders, and to develop and export New Zealand made cannabis products internationally.


NUBU was first conceived to address an injustice in the emerging medicinal cannabis industry – accessibility. Prescribers had a very small number of products available to them, and costs were upwards of $1,000 per month. By importing these products from overseas, New Zealanders can gain access to a wide range of medicines and medical devices now.

With maximum accessibility in mind, NUBU has partnered with New Zealand’s largest pharmaceutical distributors. These partnerships ensure hassle-free prescription fulfillment for both Doctors and patients.

Fast forward to 2021, and NUBU is one of New Zealand’s largest medicinal cannabis companies with a portfolio of medicinal cannabis products available to prescribers, and patients paying prices that are a fraction of what they were previously. 

The success to date is phase 1 of NUBU’s roadmap, with plans to further expand the Import arm of the business by continuing to source the highest grade, and best value, medicinal cannabis products from around the world.

While we have rapidly built up the domestic side of the business to provide a strong financial foundation, we have also spent the last two years on the second phase of the business strategy that will be a key driver of growth for the company; product innovation. 

We are harnessing two of New Zealand’s great strengths; its culture of innovation and unique natural botanicals, to elevate the potential of medicinal cannabis, and develop ground-breaking products for international markets. 

​NUBU has been working with Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand’s leading cannabinoid extraction scientists to complete development of our first product which we are now in the process of securing patent protection for. NUBU is also working with other local innovators to develop new and exciting cannabinoid delivery formats and products.

International interest in NUBU’s product offering has been strong, and we expect to be on shelf in these markets by Q3 2022.

If you are interested in becoming part of the NUBU journey, please get in touch.

For more on the latest industry news, and scientific research, take a look at our news section.

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NUBU Pharmaceuticals 


PO Box 78087, Grey Lynn, 1245

New Zealand

0800 463 322

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