About Us​

NUBU Pharmaceuticals exists to bring accessible and reputable medicinal cannabis products to NZ.

What we do

NUBU Import

NUBU Imports strategic goal is to become the leading wholesaler of medicinal cannabis products in New Zealand.

NUBU Innovation

New Zealand’s culture of innovation is at the core of NUBU's goal to elevate the potential of medicinal cannabis.

Who we are

Innovative market leaders

Committed to the development of new and unique products

Proudly New Zealand based

Sustainable business principles 


“The part of the business I’m most excited about is our innovation arm - premium New Zealand products that will be exported to the rest of the world.

Co-founder, Mark Dye

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NUBU Pharmaceuticals 


PO Box 78087, Grey Lynn, 1245

New Zealand 


0800 463 3226

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