NUBU Pharmaceuticals exists to bring accessible, reputable and clinically effective medicinal cannabis products to the New Zealand market, and to develop and export New Zealand made cannabis products internationally.

When NUBU was first conceived, a medicinal cannabis patient in New Zealand had two options; either source untested, unregulated product from the black market, or pay upwards of $1,000 per month for an imported product – not unsurprisingly, that cost meant the latter was beyond the reach of most New Zealanders.


So, Mark and Will set out to build a business that would address these barriers for all New Zealanders.

Fast forward to 2020, and NUBU is one of New Zealand’s largest medicinal cannabis companies and patients are paying a fraction of the price they were paying in 2016.


But, that success is just the start of the NUBU .We have spent the last two years harnessing two of New Zealand’s great strengths, its culture of innovation and unique botanicals, to elevate the potential of medicinal cannabis, and develop ground-breaking products for the world.

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